Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose custom framing?

In a world where it seems like everything comes from a factory, custom framing is your chance to make your art or object truly yours.  With thousands of frame and mat choices, your custom frame can can beautifully accent whatever you are framing.  Your project will be completely unique and will last for generations!

Do I have to make an appointment for a consultation?

You do not need an appointment but we want to give you the best service possible. Feel free to call ahead if you think you have a project that will require extensive time to discuss. We offer two convenient locations with parking.

How much will it cost?

Prices vary depending on the size, complexity and materials used for a project. Our pricing compares very favourably - even with Big Box Stores - and we'll beat any price on comparable work. It’s always best to bring the piece in. We’ll find the right frame within your budget.

What are you able to frame?

Almost anything! Have a look at our Project Gallery for inspiration.

I have a picture frame with broken glass. Can you replace it for me?

Don't feel bad - broken glass is a common problem. We would be happy to help replace it.

Why do I need acid free material/Conservation glass?  What if I'm putting my art in a dark place?

Acidic material will damage artwork and light will cause it to fade.  Many framed pieces become family just makes sense to protect them.  And as for hanging your art in a dark place...well, no one can predict where art will eventually end up; in fact, it often is hung in a different spot than originally intended.  So it's a good idea to keep your options open!

How can I tell if my artwork is framed using acid free materials and Conservation glass?

We are experts at telling one from the other. Bring your piece in and we will let you know. And we'd be happy to show you how to tell for yourself.

Do you ever have any promotions?

Yes we do - check out our Promotions page!

Do you do art appraisals?

We can recommend several local appraisers who can help you out. Feel free to contact us.

Do you do conservation work?

Art conservation is a very specific field. We can provide a list of several local conservators with whom you may consult.

Do you frame mirrors?

Yes we do - and beautifully too! Bring your own mirror in or we can provide one. Either way, you have thousands of frames to choose from!

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