Custom Framing Inspirations

The custom framing gallery consists of just some of the unique and exciting projects that have come through to Wall Space Framing. Click on the image below for inspiration and tips on some of the ideas you can come up with along with our helpful and friendly framing designers.

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Here are just a few of the highly satisfied testimonials of clients who have experienced Wall Space Framing:

"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Top notch service! An excellent business to visit for framing and/or art needs." - André M.

"Great, very helpful, knowledgeable staff!" - Kathy S

"Great service and wonderful products." - Jane

"Super customer service. Highly recommended." - Maxime M

"Professional, friendly staff. I felt they would do a good job with my project and handle it with care." - Pat D.

"Absolutely highly satisfied and thrilled with the work they did on our framing, very friendly and knowledgeable staff." - Laurie